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  • Location:Gurugram, Haryana
  • Experience:8-10 Years
  • No of Positions:1
  • Qualifications:B.Tech/MBA/Diploma

Sweven, a new startup in the CRM/CX ecosystem is responsible for the life cycle planning of CRM/CX for Industry 4.0 (SFI4.0) software business applications through the phases of strategize, architect, select, deploy, operate, evolve, and manage. Some of our application delivery work is managed as products, regardless of whether the customer is internal or external. The Sweven Application Leader (SAL) manages the application products group that has specific responsibility for building or configuring, maintaining or enhancing, and eventually decommissioning applications or products through the life cycle. This group is responsible for all application products related to CRM/CX Platform. However, the Sweven Application Leader (SAL) is closely aligned with corresponding business leaders for the “Sweven CRM/CX Engineering” in a "two in a box" leadership model responsible for business outcomes driven by the application products.

Reporting Lines:

This role reports directly to Chief Technology Office or Other Leader and has few managers and other staff reporting to it.

About the Role


  • Budget: Significant resources will be invested in building CRM/CX for Industry 4.0 (SFI4.0) on applications, tools, services and staffing (permanent and temporary).
  • Staff: Initially about 10-20 permanent, another 10-15 contract, 20-30 temporary, 30 graduate trainees, together with supervisory responsibility for third-party resources supporting applications activity.
  • Application products: Sweven Cloud Products (Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, Integration) and other major business application products supporting end customers/users. These SFI4.0 products are internally developed on CRM/CX platforms and some of them will have significant components from third party tools. Sweven products or productized services are packaged SaaS applications supporting multi-variant cloud ecosystems.


Leadership and Management

The Sweven Application Leader (SAL) will oversee all activities that optimize the value, cost and risk of application products.

Candidates should be able to:

  • Provide leadership, vision and direction to the applications organization to ensure it will contribute to the company achieving its goals.
  • Work with CIO/CTO/CEO and other IT leaders to develop overall IT/Product strategy in the context of the business strategy and initiatives of the SFI4.0
  • Develop productive relationships with business leaders and product managers across the organization to influence how applications can enable new sources of value.
  • Define and enhance methodologies and practices for the application life cycle management in line with best practice and practical experience of continuous improvement.
  • Provide support and facilitate innovative and experimental application work to test new ideas with bounded cost and time frames.
  • Ensure that application processes (including those of external service providers) are conducted in line with corporate social responsibility, environmental and technical policies and applicable standards and legislation.
  • Manage application group personnel, developing their skills and capabilities to meet the needs of the organization, as well as building on existing recruiting capabilities to address new needs and skills gaps.
  • Work with product management to implement and manage application product roadmaps status reporting, metrics and benchmarks.
  • Manage relationships with major vendors and service providers to ensure they cost- effectively meet the needs of the organization.
  • Conduct regular surveys of stakeholder satisfaction with application products, publish the results and, where necessary, implement action plans to improve satisfaction.

Application Product Governance, Strategy and Delivery

The Sweven Application Leader's primary responsibility is to ensure that application products cost-effectively meet the needs of the business as a whole:

  • Overseeing the assessment of the technical and business fitness of the application and product portfolio and their associated costs and risks.
  • Facilitating the application product governance process to gain consensus on a prioritized set of measurable business outcomes that applications and products must support.
  • Working with product management, stakeholders and the application product governance council to define a prioritized set of business outcomes and application work to accomplish those outcomes within the limitations of the application budget.
  • Working with stakeholders to accomplish this application product work in a way that improves the business and technical fitness of the application portfolio and minimizes its ongoing support costs.
  • Overseeing the application product organization's successful delivery of these business outcomes in partnership with business colleagues.
  • Overseeing benefits realization to ensure the business outcomes are achieved.
  • Overseeing support activities in conjunction with infrastructure and operations to ensure the application products perform well in production.
  • Overseeing development of processes and tools in conjunction with infrastructure and operations to automate the handoff of code releases from development to operations (DevOps).
  • Working with the Customers’ Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to ensure that the organization's application products are effectively secured and that risks are mitigated. If no CISO or similar position exists: Ensure that the organization's application products are effectively secured and that risks are mitigated to ensure compliance with legal and corporate privacy and confidentiality rules.

Budgeting, Finance and Administration

The Sweven Application Leader (SAL) will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the application product organization — including staffing, budgeting and other relevant management functions — and is required to hold all application delivery teams accountable for optimizing the cost, risk and value of applications and products throughout their life cycle.

Work Arrangements

The leader will be located in Gurugram managing sizeable Developers, and IT Application Managers. This is full time job with Stock Options, and Roadmap tied with SWEVEN’s dream of becoming a Unicorn in the next three years.

Requirements of the Sweven Application Leader Role

Behaviours and Competencies

The acts in a leadership role and must demonstrate the following leadership attributes:

  • High levels of personal integrity when conducting the professional affairs of the organization and dealing with sensitive and confidential data relating to risks and costs.
  • Calmness and clarity of thought while under pressure.
  • The ability to uphold the goals and culture of the organization.
  • The ability to lead, enable and motivate teams by providing advice and guidance in a nonjudgmental fashion.
  • An understanding of strategic business objectives and business domain knowledge combined with the ability to drive results toward those objectives.
  • Openness to, and the ability to deal with, rapid change in business needs, processes and technologies.

Education and Training

An undergraduate or preferably with postgraduate degree in computer science, engineering, or related field from a reputed University.

The Sweven Application Leader must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Strong communication skills with a proven ability to understand key concepts and communicate effectively with technical staff, business stakeholders and senior management.
  • Proven ability to communicate technical concepts to nontechnical people to enhance understanding and drive to decisions that lead to positive outcomes.
  • Proven ability to collaborate, build relationships and influence individuals at all levels in a matrix-management environment (as well as external vendors and service providers) to ensure that segregation and overlapping roles are identified and coordinated.
  • Strong organizational skills, the ability to perform under pressure and management of multiple priorities with competing demands for resources.
  • Strong analytical, data-processing and problem-solving skills.
  • Proficiency in process formulation and improvement.


The Sweven Application Leader (SAL) must have in-depth knowledge and experience of the following:

  • Financial accounting and reporting practices applicable to application products, costs and risks.
  • IT contracts and their likely cost implications.
  • Engagement with procurement and legal contract advisors for additional information.
  • IT applications, operations, service and support organizations.
  • Data processing, analysis and quality management tools.
  • Development and implementation of processes and policies.
  • Lean IT, agile development, and DevOps principles and frameworks.
  • Significant (more than seven years) in the CRM/CX Environment building applications, delivering solutions built on CRM/CX Platform. An MVP (CRM/CX) preferred with thorough experience+expertise in CRM/CX Sales, Service along with other products including Mulesoft Integration.


The following experience is considered essential:

  • Managing a team of at least 15-20 members in application products development, implementation or management.
  • Experience managing in an organization primarily using agile development methodologies.
  • Experience transitioning an organization from traditional to agile development methodologies.
  • About 10-15 years of experience in Software design/development, mobile applications, application architecture, product management, software-as-a-service, software integration, automated software testing, data management/governance, business intelligence, security and/or business process analysis.
  • More than Seven (7) years of demonstrated leadership experience building cross- organizational consensus with exposure to technology providers and/or business clients in the CRM/CX Ecosystem.
  • More than seven (7) years of demonstrated experience managing a high-performing, cohesive team.
  • Three to Five years of demonstrated experience in liaising with middle and senior management in important client environment.

The following experience is considered desirable but not mandatory:

  • Experience in Industry Specific Product Development using SaaS platforms from other products such as Siebel or Oracle or SAP.
  • Two to three years of experience working in the CRM/CX Application Implementation for Retail or E-Commerce or Travel industry.
  • Three to Five years of experience managing International Clients and Global service providers (other than CRM/CX) for integration, and other third-party tools.
  • Three to Five years of experience managing the risk and cost implications of IT contracts or contract negotiations.
  • Membership of professional organizations, trade or user groups and a pattern of regular attendance at industry conferences to enhance knowledge of current technology.

This is a sensitive role dealing with commercial risks and significant costs. The organization must have a high level of confidence in the integrity and track record of the individual appointed to this role.

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